BWL (Business Women’s Link) is giving a friendly “shout out” to its current members and other ladies who would love to join its network.


Focus Group members want to ensure everyone knows that the network is still very much alive in these challenging times and we have tried to keep in touch over social media, whilst discussing our plans for when the lockdown ends, using the power of Zoom!


We are as eager as everyone else to see the lockdown lifted, when it is safe to do so, then we can start getting our  programme of activities back on track as soon as possible.


There’s nothing like meeting face-to-face for a good old catch-up, and we have a reputation for giving members and guests a warm welcome – even on those days when ladies have rushed into a BWL meeting at the last minute after trying to get away from the office or had a challenge juggling their work/life commitments.


We’re happy to see everyone even those who arrive slightly flushed and apologising profusely!


The unprecedented challenges over the last year have thrown so many events calendars into chaos. BWL’s much-loved Christmas Lunch went out of the window, our Summer Lunch is now also off the menu and we are trying hard to decide when we might be able to refix our special anniversary conference!


So, for the moment, please stay in touch over social media and, if you want to join us

on our Linked In group, please go online and make a request.


We are looking to add more stories to our website, so we are encouraging current members to drop us a line telling us about their news, with a photo if possible.