Active BWL Focus Group member Jo Richardson is catching her breath after she and energetic colleagues took a break from their home workstations and walked from their company’s Lincoln headquarters to its London office 130 miles away!

Naturally, the latest Coronavirus lockdown, meant they couldn’t leave Lincolnshire, but that didn’t stop Jo – an Associate Director with independent chartered accountant Wright Vigar –  and ten teams of workmates.  Together, they are thrilled to have smashed the firm’s target to raise £500 for St Barnabas Hospice by rising to the charity’s “Don’t Quit-Get Fit” challenge.

Like so many people, who have spent months working from home and forced to sit through numerous Teams and Zoom meetings, Jo said the challenge proved to be a brilliant way to get everyone moving, whilst generating a boost for the hospice.

A staunch supporter of St Barnabas, Wright Vigar put its own creative spin on the challenge when it urged staff to get involved. The final amount of money raised should be known in early March.

Jo said: “A St Barnabas nurse walks an average of 12,000 steps in one shift, so it would take one of them just over 21 days to complete this challenge. We wondered if any Wright Vigar employee would be able to match or better that.  Soon, everyone was checking their smartwatches and Fitbits!

“In the UK, on average a person sits for 8.9 hours a day. Most office workers spend long hours behind a desk, which can create health risks.  Our company understands this, which is why it encouraged as many people as possible to take part in “Don’t Quit-Get Fit.”

“Knowing they were supporting a really worthwhile cause really motivated everyone to get out and be more active,” said Jo.

“Many of us have been working from home for a large proportion of the pandemic.  Doing some exercise provided a refreshing change of scenery, helping to clear people’s minds and get their blood flowing. Fresh air and exercise certainly gets the creative juices flowing and boosts energy levels.

“Getting involved with other people can really help to keep you going throughout. We encouraged everyone to go at their own pace, to be consistent and said they would get there.”

Wright Vigar employees have always supported St Barnabas (previously they took on the accumulator challenge) as they really appreciate the hospice’s work, understand its importance and realise how many people it benefits.

Anyone wishing to add to the money raised can visit: