During the most unprecedented year we have ever had, BWL’s Jessica Eyley has dived in to share how she desperately tried to keep her focus and routine and, ultimately,  how the Pandemic has changed her perspective  about  what really matters.


“When the Pandemic hit, I moved into my partner’s house in South Yorkshire to avoid being in a lockdown on my own. I had to pack a few overnight bags and scoop up all my plants in what felt like the space of five minutes,” she said.


“Then I was placed on furlough. I threw myself into my Law studies working six or seven hours a day, in order to keep a grip on some form of routine.”


However, Jessica soon felt her focus slipping and her motivation disappearing as the lockdown progressed.


“Some days I could barely open my study books and would feel guilty when I couldn’t concentrate”.


Jessica openly admits that,  in the past she would bury herself in work and other activities – as a keen charity fundraiser with skydives, Yorkshire’s 3 Peaks, sleeping homeless, tough mudder and other challenges all under her belt. But the Pandemic forced her to take a step back and to find a new perspective.


“I love doing challenges for charity, my studies, my work, my social life… but I would always end up feeling run-down every few months, to the point where I would just be so exhausted. The Pandemic not only forced me to slow down,  but to not guilt trip myself if I took a break and essentially to be much kinder to myself than I had been in years,” said Jessica.


Now she has left her flat in Lincoln and fully re-located to South Yorkshire with her partner.


“I fell in love with South Yorkshire.  After spending nearly a year there I feel it has become my home and I am finally settled. I feel like I’ve achieved a much calmer lifestyle and perspective,” she said.


“This month I am doing ‘Walk All Over Cancer’ where I am walking 10,000 steps every day and,  with that I have learnt the skill of continuing to balance work, University and fundraising, whilst taking time to appreciate myself and relaxing!”


Glynis – FoxStar Media